Tracker Trouble

Day 16 June 17th 2019

The truck is fixed! Local mechanics worked into the night to replace the fuel pump and got the truck back to us by midnight. Many thanks to them and to the local organisers for arranging this.

We are now relaxing in the Marriott hotel in Nur Sultan the new name for the capital of Kazachstan. We drove 450km today on mostly good roads in 13 hours. The car was lacking in power, we think due to a clogged vaporizer so the journey took longer than planned. We also suffered from terrible howling from the burner leaving us with ringing ears, another symptom of a clogged vaporizer. We will strip it out tomorrow along with the burner and clean then both. We adjusted the pressure by pass today to try and get the steam plant to run at 600psi rather than 500 to give us more power.

The Kazach people are very friendly and welcoming and all seem to want their picture taken with the car. We have been giving out postcards of the car to visitors especially children and these have been very popular.

Kazachstan is very green and fairly flat and gently undulating in the parts we have seen, their are many groups of horses grazing near the road.

It seems our tracker is broken and still shows as back in Russia, we checked and found it full of water after the rain of yesterday, Era have supplied a new one which is now fitted so you should be able to follow us again.

We now have another 2 days in Kazachstan before heading back to Russia.


2 thoughts on “Tracker Trouble

  1. Hey Mitch, Have you considered the possibility that there’s nothing wrong with your “tracker”? Maybe little green men have given the place the same treatment they have Crimea, and actually you really still are in Russia.

    Just a theory.

    Your Big Brother Al


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