Paris Paris Paris!

We have made it to Paris! We found the generator still leaked,though not as badly, this morning. So we decided to drive direct to Paris and miss out Yepres. The distance being about the same.

We steamed out of Belgium into France and arrived at the hotel about 8pm.

We will go to the official finish tomorrow.

More about this tomorrow, but thanks for all your support.

The dream steam team.

8 thoughts on “Paris Paris Paris!

    1. Congrats Mitch, and to all the other participants! What a feat! I’m sure you’re so happy you completed this challenge! Enjoy the finish celebrations and a nice meal in Paris 🎉


  1. Congratulations to you and your team, Mitch for an incredible achievement. Enjoy your celebration!

    Bob from Leydons


  2. Congratulations guys! Battered, weary, but unbeaten, you’ve made history and set a new world steam car distance record. A lot of people all around the world are very proud of you. don’t forget to give a triumphant blast on that steam horn as you roll across the finish line.


  3. Thanks for making dream steam a reality and letting us all live it vicariously through you.

    Will be driving at the time of your official finish tomorrow so have fun and make it memorable for all.

    Longest steam car point to point ever. First car with a water based thermodynamic cycle to cross a major desert. Team being constantly challenged yet still working together. That’ll do…….


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