Belgium rebuild

We are safe in Liege. Long run mostly on motorways from Wolfsburg especially with a poor performing car, so we organised a bit of help.

Major car service when we got here, dropped the steam generator out, which is quite a job and removed, sealed and refitted the leaking elbow. Putting it back was a real pain, especially when we had to do it twice as a bit was forgotten. Amazing help from the other Participants, especially Jose, Jonathon and Pete. Special thanks to Steve for the drinks.

It was quite a sight with all the bits spread all over the car park. Very hot and sunny. I dropped the sump plate and checked the bottom end, looks ok to get to Paris.

The rear brake bands were absolutely worn out, so Dave fitted a new set. Looking forward to checking it all in the morning and steaming on. We are so close now, just praying the car holds together to steam over that finish line.

6 thoughts on “Belgium rebuild

  1. Hi Chris, on your tracking site, you passed Duisburg today. Suppose you didn’t even have a chance to say hi to old friends there!

    Nearly to Paris, well done!


  2. Ecstatic your sudden transit to Liege wasn’t indicative of throwing the towel in. Now you know your steam generator pipes are not riddled with cracks dying to let go and you have things on the back axle that almost work like brakes. All sounds like pretty good news. Something tells me she is too much of a lady not to repay the thousands of man-hours you have in building and rebuilding her not to get you to Paris now.

    P2P by Steam, now that’s worthy of the proper use of the word “awesome”.


  3. Well done team. That is quite a rebuilding job to do in a carpark! Quite a weight on the 30 hp steam generator too getting it out and back in. You should know your car quite well by Paris!


  4. Following your progress all the way guys, you’re doing an amazing job. Sending best wishes for a (fairly) trouble free steam all the way to Paris now. Lots of support from Odell, UK


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